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Agent Experience

Discover Powerful Features for Agents

ePayMix offers a range of robust features designed specifically to empower agents in managing financial transactions efficiently. Explore these key features tailored to enhance your agent

In-App Wallet

Manage your funds conveniently with the QRpay in-app wallet. Store your earnings securely and access them whenever you need to facilitate transactions seamlessly.

Send Money

Transfer funds agent to agent securely and swiftly between agents within the QRpay network, ensuring seamless transactions for your customers.

Receive Money

Accept payments from other agents with ease, providing a convenient way to receive funds and expand your business capabilities.

Add Money

Replenish your account balance through manual or automatic methods like PayPal, Stripe, or Flutterwave, ensuring you always have funds available for transactions.

Money In

Facilitate transactions from agents to users seamlessly, providing a smooth experience for customers and boosting your business credibility.


Safely withdraw funds with automatic support through Flutterwave integration, ensuring quick and hassle-free access to your earnings and also manual withdraw system.

Send Remittance

Transfer money internationally or domestically for your customers, leveraging QRpay's reliable remittance services for efficient cross-border transactions.

Saved My Sender & Receiver

Keep track of frequent senders and receivers for remittance transactions, streamlining your operations and providing personalized service to clients.

Profits Log

Gain insights into your earnings with a detailed profits log, allowing you to monitor commissions, fees, and overall financial performance conveniently.

Bill Pay & Mobile TopUp

Offer additional services such as bill payments and mobile top-ups, providing a comprehensive solution for your customers' financial needs.

QR Code Support

Leverage QR codes for seamless transactions. QRpay's QR code support enhances the user experience, making payments and transfers swift and secure.